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The protection of fundamental rights in the EU and its practices

6 - 8 July 2017, CES | Lisbon

Thematic area(s) of the course (list up to four keywords that synthesize the course content):
Fundamental rights / judicial cooperation / European citizenship

Scientific Coordination:  José Manuel Pureza (
Coordination: Conceição Gomes ( and Marina Henriques (

Abstract: The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union reinforced the framework of fundamental rights within the European space. Currently, the fundamental rights regulatory framework, both at European and national level, has achieved a solid legal basis. However, its implementation and application is confronted with different tools, judicial cultures and practices. Nonetheless the role played by judicial actors is crucial to an effective implementation of the Charter, this area still remains superficially known by a wide range of such professionals. I.e, the extended recognition and protection by law does not mean effective access by citizens. 

This Summer Course will cover, from a normative perspective, the process on the development of the protection of fundamental rights in the European Union, focused on the knowledge about the Charter, and its contents. Although a specific focus on European law and systems will be made, the main international human rights protection legal instruments will also be debated. This course aims to contribute to overcome the difficulties related to the lack of knowledge in this field in order to reinforce mobilization of fundamental rights within EU space and to promote interactions between professionals aiming at facilitating the exchange of best practices.


Unit 1 (July, 6: 9h30m- 12h30m)
General overview of the human rights protection: the international and the European system

Unit 2 (July, 6: 14h30m- 17h30m)
Framework of the European Union system of fundamental rights protection

Unit 3 (July, 7: 9h30m- 12h30m)
The EU Charter of fundamental rights: scope of application, fundamental rights and principles

Unit 4 (July, 7: 14h30m- 17h30m)
Enforcement of the EU Charter: when and how

Unit 5 (July, 8: 9h30m- 12h30m)
Relevant case law discussion: asylum, immigration, economic and social rights

Unit 6 (July, 8: 14h30m- 17h30m)
Conference and debate: Social, political and legal challenges to the EU Charter implementation

Target participants: Judges, Public Prosecutors, lawyers, academics, leaders of judicial institutions, journalists, judicial officers and students.

Fees to be charged: € 250,00
1st registration period - until 15 May (discount 20%): € 200,00
2nd registration period - 16 May to 30 June: € 250,00
Last day lunch (not included): + € 20,00

* Members of the Associação Sindical dos Juízes Portugueses, the Sindicato dos Magistrados do Ministério Público and the Ordem dos Advogados Portugueses also have a 10% discount, with the following registration fees:
1st registration period - until 15 May: € 180,00
2nd registration period - 16 May to 30 June:  € 225,00

Minimum and maximum number of participants: 15 - 30 participants