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CES Summer School reflects the CES approach which values transdisciplinarity, epistemological pluralism, North/South perspectives, as well as a strong interrelationship between practice and theory conducive to the production of policy-oriented knowledge. CES Summer School brings together academics, experts and activists/practitioners. It therefore caters to students and professionals.


CES Summer School
Epistemologies of the South: struggles, knowledges and ideas for the future 

June 22 to 30, 2017, Curia (Portugal)

CES Summer School
ArtFULL2017 - A collective learning retreat

24 - 27 June 2017, Instituto Missionário Sagrado Coração (Coimbra)

CES Summer School
The protection of fundamental rights in the EU and its practices

6 - 8 July 2017, CES | Lisbon

CES Summer School
Racism, Eurocentrism and Political Struggles

September 3 to 9, 2017, Rooms 1 and 2, CES-Coimbra

CES Summer School
Engaging with the outside: from theory to practice and back

26 - 28 April 2017, Rooms 1 and 2, CES-Coimbra