Dora Fonseca


Graduated in Psychology by the Faculty of Psychology and Sciencies of Education of the University of Porto in 2005, with specialisation in the area of Psychology of Deviant Behaviour. She has a PhD in Sociology: Labour Relations, Social Inequalities and Trade Unionism, by the Faculty of Economics of the University University of Coimbra (2016). Her main research interests lay on the areas of labour relations, trade unionism and social movements.

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Estanque, Elísio; Costa, Hermes; Fonseca, Dora (2018), Building the 'Contraption': Anti-austerity movements and political alternative in Portugal, in Martinez, B. et al. (org.), Social Movements and the Radical Left. London: Routledge

Book Chapter

Fonseca, Dora (2017), The anti-austerity protest cycle in Portugal: the ambiguous relations between social movements and political parties, in Isabel David (org.), Crisis, Austerity and Transformation. How Disciplinary Neoliberalism is changing Portugal. Lexington Books, 115-138

Article in Scientific journal

Fonseca, Dora (2014), "New actors on stage: analysis of the emergent forms of collective action in the European context", Open Journal of Social Sciences, 2, 1, 43-53