Maria Filomena Gaspar


Born on December 17, 1963 . Mother of 3 children. Associate Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Coimbra . Bachelor (5 years) in Psychology , Masters in Educational Psychology and a PhD in Educational Psychology from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Coimbra ( in collaboration with the University of Oxford in the UK ) . Teaches in first degrees/masters of Science of Education and Social Work and at the Inter -University Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology - Family Psychology and Family Intervention , as well as in the Doctoral Program in Education , Specialization in Teacher Education . Is parenting educator in the Incredible Years Programs, Parenting Wisely and More Family. It is trainer of the Incredible Years Program for early childhood educators and teachers. Is family therapist (Portuguese Society of Family Therapy) . Develops research activities in the context of parental education and family education, early childhood education and socio-educational intervention with children, youth and families. Coordinator (IR) of the research project PTDC/PSI-PED/102556/2008 funded by FCT and entitled " Prevention / early intervention behavioral disorders : effectiveness of parental and school programs " (2010-2013 ) . Member of the an universities's network , through an agreement with the National Commission for Protection of Children and Youth at Risk and the Social Security Institute and the Department of Social Security to assess the responses of Parental Education to families in psychosocial risk Portugal . Also coordinated an intervention project in Vulnerable Families with Parental Education funded by the Health sector and designated " An adventure in the world of family." She does research under the Oxford Centre for Research into Parenting and Children Department of Social Policy and Social Work, University of Oxford, UK . Supervise several master's and doctoral'theses. Scientific Consultant since May 2013 of the RAND EUROPE COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY for providing research and consulting services under the project "European Platform For Investing in Children". Member of Pooling Study international network involving the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences , University of Coimbra , the Department of Social Policy and Intervention , Oxford University , the Institute of Psychiatry , King's College London , the School of Psychology , Bangor University , the Personal social Services Research Unit , London School of Economics. The goal of this project , with funding from the British government, is " Evaluating the cost and effectiveness , mediators and moderators of the Incredible Years parenting intervention and related questions exploring parenting , child outcomes, service delivery , geographical factors or other family factors ". Currently she is member of the research team of the project "Incredible Years for the Promotion of Mental Health" (EEA Grants PT06 - 51SM04), funded by the Programme for Public Health Initiatives (EEA Grants - PT06), which aims to help reduce economic and social inequalities in certain priority health areas and establish bilateral relations between donor and beneficiary countries. The project is inserted into a specific line of funding designed to mental health services and develop programmes for the promotion of child and adolescent mental health in schools. Ends december 2016. She has authored several books and national and international papers. Among its activities is also highlight the various communications to parents and teachers and other professionals around the themes of parental and family education, prevention and family-school relationship, as well as the as voluntary at a Family Support center where develops therapeutic and socio-educational interventions for families .

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Seabra-Santos, Maria João; Azevedo, Andreia; Gaspar, Maria Filomena; Major, Sofia; Almeida, Ana Sofia; Eugénio, Susana (2017), "Qualidades psicométricas da escala de atividade de Werry-Weiss-Peters: estudo preliminar da versão portuguesa", Revista Iberoamericana de Diagnóstico y Evaluación - e Avaliação Psicológica, 44, 2, 131-145

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Article in Scientific journal

Seabra-Santos, Maria João; Gaspar, Maria Filomena; Azevedo, Andreia Fernandes; Homem, Tatiana Carvalho; Guerra, João; Martins, Vânia; Leitão, Sara; Pimentel, Mariana; Almeida, Margarida; Moura-Ramos, Mariana (2016), "Incredible Years parent training: What changes, for whom, how, for how long?", Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 44, 93-104

Article in Scientific journal

Novaes, Marcelly de Brito; Gaspar, Maria Filomena (2016), "Parental social support and early childhood prevention in contexts of adversity: the perspective of early years' educators and mental health professionals in Brazil", Psychologica, 1, 59, 117-131