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Animation of Public Space through the Arts: Innovation and Sustainability
International Symposium (and Workshops)

27-30 September 2011
Coimbra, Portugal

How can innovative artistic animation of public spaces contribute to building more sustainable cities? Community sustainability is viewed as encompassing and intertwining environmental, cultural, social, and economic sustainability and resiliency. This international event promotes knowledge development and exchanges of practice-led research on cultural and social dimensions of sustainable city-building, involving architects, theatre-makers, community artists, urban developers, researchers in many disciplines, and university teachers and students. These exchanges will be facilitated in two ways: (a) an international symposium in which participants share their experiences and insights and discuss the challenges of the work; and (b) two workshops in which artists/architects and researchers work together.

Overall objectives:


Animating public space through artistic practices
Sustainable use of public space
Urban-nature interactions
Community change, engagement, and social sustainability
Community transitions and sustainabilities
Heritage and memory
Creativity for sustainability
Sustainability and creative education
Artistic-based inquiry

Event Partners

Small Cities Community-University Research Alliance at Thompson Rivers University, Canada
Utrecht School for the Arts, Utrecht, The Netherlands
European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres (ENCACT) thematic area on ‘Urban Management and Cultural Policy of the City’
University of Coimbra ‘Cities and Urban Cultures’ MA and PhD programmes
University of Coimbra Department of Architecture
O Teatrão, Coimbra, Portugal
Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra (CAPC), Coimbra
STUT Theatre, Utrecht, The Netherlands