The Risk Observatory (OSIRIS) aims to develop and promote a critical approach to both risk concepts and instruments for risk assessment and management having into account the contextual dimensions of risks.

In particular, one of the main goals of OSIRIS is to conceive and conduct research projects that deepen the understanding of risk by building working platforms meant to:

  • increase the collaboration among academics and professionals from distinct disciplinary and sectoral backgrounds in order to establish shared risk frameworks;
  • allow for the exchange of knowledge and experiences from different national contexts thus valuing the cultural dimension of risks and the variety of ways of dealing with them;
  • design actions in close cooperation with public and private actors in order to identify and address gaps in the process of risks assessment and management;
  • deepen the social vulnerability analysis and cartographic representation, and support tools into organizational and public policies and practices;
  • build working platforms and develop participative procedures in close cooperation with policymakers working at different territorial scales;
  • give direct inputs to policy-making including methods to support the decision-making process;
  • analyse the design and underlying assumptions of existing policy instruments; and test the performance of the policy instruments available and suggest new ones.

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