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Trauma and Media
June 9, 2018, 09h30
CES | Lisbon


Ad hoc Workshop | 9th Optional Module of the III Course on Psychotraumatology of the Trauma Centre/CES - grants 10 points for  ESTSS European Certificate in Psychotraumatology 

  • Contents - The media as first responders. Signs and symptoms of trauma in journalists. Understanding the trauma experienced by news media. Understanding communication skills required for the treatment of communication professionals. Culture of trauma in terms of image.
  • Trainers - Diana Andringa (Journalist, Independent Documentarist, CES Researcher), other trainers to be confirmed.


Adelino Gomes (Journalist and associate researcher at CIES-IUL) - "Narrating conflict/catastrophe"


Ana Aranha (radio program director) - " Victims of PIDE torture"

Celina Manita (Associate Professor of FPCEUP) - "Listening to the trauma of others"

José Manuel Rosendo (Journalist) - "Reporting conflict/catastrophe"

Leonor Figueiredo (Journalist) - "Victims of political violence (May 27 in Angola)"

Paulo Moura (Journalist and writer) - "In the place of conflict/catastrophe"

Sílvia Roque (researcher at CES-UC) - "Women victims of violence"


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