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(Re)thinking law and public policing through (anti)racism

April 12 to 14, 2018, CES | Lisboa & Fundação José Saramago (Lisbon)

This training course aims to discuss the reproduction of institutional racism and the political obstacles to combating racism in public policing and legal initiatives from an interdisciplinary approach. The course aims to make connections between the definition of certain political concepts and vocabularies (e.g. institutional racism, ‘race’, racialization, discrimination, segregation) and the political debates and initiatives developed in governmental and state institutions (in the areas of education, housing, justice and law enforcement), and anti-racist movements. The different seminars will engage with specific processes in the European and Portuguese contexts, and examine the following topics: (i) how the rule of law and antidiscrimination discourse silence racism; ii) the institutionalization/denial of racism in processes of segregation in education and housing; iii) the debate on the law of nationality in Portugal; iv) the penal code and racial profiling. The course will conclude with a roundtable discussion over two films (with the filmmakers participation) that portray and dialogue with the experiences of racialized subjects in contexts of institutional violence and racism.

This training course is an activity organised by the research project COMBAT – Combating racism in Portugal: an analysis of public policies and anti-discrimination law (FCT funding, ref. PTDC/IVC-SOC/1209/2014 - POCI-01-0145-FEDER-016806), in collaboration with the project POLITICS – The politics of anti-racism in Europe and Latin America: knowledge production, decision-making and collective struggles (ERC funding, Grant no. 725402).

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Language: English, Portuguese

Coordination: Silvia Rodríguez Maeso (CES)

Ana Rita Alves (Investigadora júnior, CES)
Hélios Fernández (Escritor, ativista romani)
João Salaviza (Realizador)
José Heredia (Ativista romani, sociólogo e realizador)
José Semedo Fernandes (Advogado)
Karlon Krioulo (Músico e produtor)
Marie Bénédicte Dembour (Professora, Universidade de Brighton)
Marta Araújo (Investigadora principal, CES)
Piménio Ferreira (Ativista cigano/romani)
Sebijan Fejzula (Ativista romani, investigadora júnior CES)
Silvia Rodríguez Maeso (Investigadora principal, CES)

Students and Unemployed: 25€
General public: 50€

12-13 April
Fundação José Saramago
Casa dos Bicos
Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, 10, 1100-135 Lisboa

14 de April
CES Lisboa – Picoas Plaza
Rua Viriato 13 - Lj 117/118
1050-227 Lisboa


Compete 2020 FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia POVT - Programa Operacional Temático Valorização do Território Universidade de Coimbra