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First European Summer School on Solidarity Economy: Is it possible to foster a common agenda for Solidarity Economy in Europe?

4 - 8 September 2017, CES | Lisbon

This Summer School aims to achieve the following objectives:

- to stimulate a reflection on the Solidarity Economy in Europe, taking into account the diversity of existing conceptions and identifying common grounds and particularities in relation to the categories usually employed in Latin America and Africa;

- to discuss the degree of (in) visibility of the Solidarity Economy on the European continent and analyze the level of institutional recognition it receives;

- to create space for the strengthening of a common research agenda by situating the Solidarity Economy within the scope of the other economies and other world experiences as is the case of women’s economic practices;

- to expand dialogue with other concepts and approaches from different parts of the world which share common ground with the Solidarity Economy;

- to stress the political dimensions of the Solidarity Economy and the way this translates into social movements and participatory democracy;

- to identify the possibility of a common agenda for the recognition of the Solidarity Economy in the European welfare state.

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