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Racism, Eurocentrism and Political Struggles [4th edition]

September 3 to 8, 2018, Room 2, CES | Alta (Coimbra, PT)

Morning Sessions: 10am-13pm

Afternoon Sessions: 14:30-17:30pm


Monday, 3 September
Eurocentrism and the understanding of race/racism
From the prejudice paradigm to the immigrant imaginary: political and academic understandings of (anti-) racism | Marta Araújo (CES)
The critique of Eurocentrism | Silvia R. Maeso (CES)

Tuesday, 4 September
Cultures of scholarship and the politics of memorialisation
The memoralisation of racial slavery | Kwame Nimako (Founder and Director of the Black Europe Summer School, Amsterdam)
The two souls of Romani scholars and the white criteria of scholarship| Cayetano Fernández (Junior researcher, PhD candidate, CES)

Wednesday, 5 September
Racism, knowledge production and education
Anti-racist struggles and the production of history of black people in Brazil | Amílcar Araújo (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)
How do you feel? Well-being and racialized unvoiceability regimes in UK universities | Shirley-Anne Tate (Leeds Beckett University)

Thursday, 6 September
Institutional racism, Islamophobia and decolonial strategies
Online hate: Understanding contemporary forms of Islamophobia | Katy P. Sian (University of York)
Political anti-racism, anti-Zionism and decolonial struggles | Youssef Boussoumah (Party of the Indigenous of the Republic)

Friday, 7 September
Race, State and Violence
State violence and racism in Spain: from the logics of borderisation to punishment | Mario Espinoza Pino (Institute for Democracy and Municipalism – Instituto DM)
A performance by the Theatre of the Oppressed Lisbon | Ami-Afro Laboratory of GTO-LX

Saturday, 8 September
Grassroots movements, political conscientisation and anti-racism
Bruno Gonçalves (ROMED and SOS Racismo)
Cristina Roldão (Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal)
Anabela Rodrigues (AMI-AFRO Laboratory, GTO-LX)
Mamadou Ba (SOS Racismo)

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