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What distinguishes our school

Epistemologies of the South V

June 24 to July 2, 2019

The epistemological imaginary of this Summer School goes beyond the conformist scientific convention. The school is an active social laboratory where science, art, social struggle experiences, bodies and emotions come together.

We understand the course as a space for socialising, well-being, and the sharing of heterogeneous knowledges and mutual learnings between all. We recognise the centrality of production of knowledge beyond the walls of academia while seeking artistic production to challenge political imagination.

Academics, artists, other professionals, students and activists will share classes, science and social struggles workshops, art workshops, social and leisure time, conversations, reflection spaces, field trips and times planned by the participants. We propose diversity and intercultural dialogue. On the one hand, we recognise the extraordinary differences that make up the world, and secondly, we believe that shared experiences of struggle allow the creation of a South both diverse and united with a potential of resistance against colonialism, capitalism and patriarchy.

While acknowledging the operational difficulties of linguistic diversity, the Summer School refuses the hegemony of unique language and the exclusions that it promotes and is open to Portuguese or Spanish or English speakers. Translation will be partly provided by professional translators. During the moments otherwise not possible, the course will appeal to the shared responsibility of participants that can help in translation. The seminar coordinators the will be available in this collaboration.

Curia, in the Centro region of Portugal, with a natural park as landscape, is a perfect setting for a quiet and simultaneously intense week of learnings and mutual enrichment.


Compete 2020 FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia POVT - Programa Operacional Temático Valorização do Território Universidade de Coimbra