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Participating organizations and institutions

Sustainable development, complexity and change: thinking and practices for the SDG and others

September 9 to 12, 2020, Casa da Esquina (Coimbra, PT)

CASA DA ESQUINA - A cultural association aiming to act as a meeting point between cultural and artistic agents, affording a space of experiences and knowledge exchange transversal to different cultural and artistic areas. It stands out for its commitment in organising and facilitating a diversity of initiatives aimed at sustainability and solidarity in the modes of living, production and consumption as well as by promotion reflections around the challenges the current models pose to societies. Many of these initiatives were and are promoted in collaboration with researchers from CES-UC. 

Compete 2020 FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia POVT - Programa Operacional Temático Valorização do Território Universidade de Coimbra