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First Meeting of Country Coordinators.
June, 1999
Took place in Coimbra at Centro de Estudos Sociais, and was attended by all country coordinators. This meeting was aimed at discussing the theoretical framework, the themes, the methodology and the organization of the Project.
National Meetings
The National Meeting were attended by the director of the project, the country coordinator and the researchers. The meetings aimed at a first face-to-face exchange between the director of the Project and all the participants in the Project in the country in question. A general debate of the Project, with a focus on the specific issues raised by the national context, was followed by a discussion of each paper outline.
August 11, 1999São Paulo, Brazil
November 22, 1999Johannesburg, South Africa
November 24, 1999Maputo, Mozambique
February 5, 2000Coimbra, Portugal
February 24, 2000Bogotá, Colombia
April 24, 2000New Delhi, India
November 23-26, 2000
It took place in Coimbra, at Centro de Estudos Sociais and was attended by most of the researchers. This meeting aimed at discussing the papers and promote the intertextuality among them: exploring comparisons, linkages and articulations among themes, among initiatives and among countries. There was a debate about the Voices of the World. The plan of publications was also discussed.
The papers and interviews circulate in the web site (available in Spanish, Portuguese and English, the languages of the project). The papers and interviews will be also published in Portuguese in a seven-volume collection. There will be a Brazilian edition, by Record Publishing House, and a Portuguese one, by Afrontamento, both to published in 2002. Please see the general editorial plan of the collection.
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