«A força dos pequenos»: absences and art for resistance

Carmina Bascarán

Marina Fasanello

Patrícia Simón

January 10, 2018, 14h30

Room 1, CES | Alta


Globalised capitalism produces the separation of science, technology and society (people and communities) from nature, which conditions society’s way of life, relationships between people, thought, actions and sensations. Developmental and neo-extractive economic policies that stimulate mining projects, energy production, heavy industries, agro-industry produce inequalities in access to “natural resources”, negative impacts on the environment, health, labour (forced labour), the well-being and livelihood of affected communities. Coal mines are an example of the alliance between national States and multinational economic groups that diminishes the resilience of communities and people. Nonetheless, the arts and the word have helped people in the city of Açailandia, in the state of Maranhão, Brazil, in the resistance to forced labour and coal mine pollution.

"La fuerza de los pequeños" is a documentary directed by Patricia Simón, a freelance journalist with a strong commitment in the struggle for human rights. The documentary recounts 20 years of struggle by a group of people who with words and art have fought forced labour, child prostitution, exploitation and misery in a community in Maranhão, Brazil. Activist Carmen Bascarán created the Centre for the Defence of Life and Human Rights as a place where they were able to change laws, struggle against local governments and give many people training opportunities and their own recognition as people and to learn to defend their rights, peace and freedom.

After the screening, Patrícia Simon, director of the documentary and Carmina Bascarán, protagonist of the documentary, will intervene, followed by Marina Fassanello, PhD candidate at Fiocruz-CES, and ultimately a debate, moderated by Jessica Fernandez.

The event brings together people who want to think and act on these issues and follows-up the CES Ecology and Society Workshop Series