Book presentation

«Assédio | Aproximações sociojurídicas à sexualidade» by Ana Oliveira

September 24, 2022, 16h30

Liquidâmbar (Coimbra)

Book presentation by Maria Irene Ramalho, António Guerreiro and Elisa Lopes da Silva


Harassment constitutes a category that has been gaining space in the contemporary normative debate, featuring on political-governmental agendas, in the repertoire of social activism and in academic-scientific production. In this book, harassment is seen as a device for observing the consensuses and cultural conflicts that the legal function (work-based and penal), the presumption about the subject (man or woman) and the status of sexuality pose to feminist theories and social studies of law.

The author seeks to demonstrate to what extent and in what terms the increasing legal densification of harassment, instead of witnessing a cumulative and expansive logic of anti-patriarchal aspiration, highlights the vices and paradoxes that run through the way in which the field of sexuality is thought, prescribed and protected, forcing a critical return to the subject, structure and law as unfinished objects and constituents of social life.

About the author

Ana Oliveira (Fafe, 1983) is a sociologist and researcher at the Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra (UC). She holds a PhD in Feminist Studies at the UC. Her research interests include the legal status of sexuality and social and cultural studies of law.