Book presentation

«Filippo Juvarra, Domenico Scarlatti e il ruolo delle donne nella promozione dell'opera in Portogallo» | Eds. Giuseppina Raggi and Luís Soares Carneiro

May 25, 2022, 18h00

Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga (Lisbon) - Auditorium


Welcome: Joaquim Caetano (Director of the MNAA)

Opening: Stefano Scaramuzzino (Director of the «Istituto Italiano di Cultura» of Lisbon)

Presentation: Jorge Vaz de Carvalho (Baritone, writer, translator and professor at UCP)

Filippo Juvarra, architect, urban planner and set designer (1678-1736) and Domenico Scarlatti, composer and harpsichordist (1685-1757) lived some of the most intense moments of their artistic careers at the Lisbon court. However, the Portuguese experience is the least known part of their biographies. In this volume, the missing pieces have been reconstructed, thanks to which the importance of the cultural policy promoted by the Portuguese women's court and, in particular, by Queen Maria Ana of Habsburg (1683-1754), consort of King João V of Portugal (r. 1707-1750), has been brought out.

Thus is born a new perspective of the collaboration between Filippo Juvarra and Domenico Scarlatti, which finds a privileged field of convergence in eighteenth century opera. The historical, artistic and musical interweaving between Lisbon, Turin, Rome and Madrid is enriched with unpublished data, which also allows the contextualization of two enigmatic projects of Filippo Juvarra's theatrical buildings destined, respectively, for Lisbon and Turin.

The transdisciplinary approach that characterises the essays gathered here made use of specialists in various fields of research (architecture, music, history, art, theatre, set design), also including the mastery of digital technologies and creative collaboration with musicians, directors and screenwriters (written by Andrea Merlotti, Concepción Lopezosa Aparicio, Cristina Fernandes, Diana Blichmann, Giuseppina Raggi, Iskrena Yordanova, João Neves, José Pedro Sousa, José Sasportes, Luca Alverdi, Luís Soares Carneiro, Massimiliano Ferraina, Massimo Mazzeo, Nohelia Walter Rossa).