«LGBTQ+ People with Chronic Illness. Chroniqueers in Southern Europe» by Mara Pieri

Palgrave MacMillan, 2023


Drawing on theory and empirical research, this book provides an analysis of the intersections between LGBTQ+ identification and chronic illness. Chapters focus on the theoretical meaning of chronic illness as a queer notion, as well as the lived experiences of chronically ill LGBTQ+ people. The author analyzes chronic illness as an experience that interrogates the normative notions of time, (in)visibility, and disability. Interweaving notions of heteronormativity and able-bodiedness as interwoven and mutually dependent, this book argues that the experience of chronic illness through LGBTQ+ embodiment presents the potential to imagine bodies differently.
This book will be useful for scholars and students in Disability Studies, Queer Studies, and Gender Studies.

Key-words: disability; able-bodied queer crip; heteronormative; visibility

About the author
Mara Pieri is a researcher at the Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, Portugal, and holds a PhD in 'Human Rights in Contemporary Societies.' She works on critical disabilities studies and queer studies, and her research interests include supercrips; medicalisation; chronic illness and invisible disabilities; accessibility; sexualities in Southern Europe; and LGBTQ+ health.