Carlos Barradas


Carlos Barradas is an Anthropologist, degree conceded by the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra (FCTUC) and has a Master's Degree in Sociology at the School of Economics of the same University. After a period in which has been working in some NGO's is, since 2006, Junior Researcher at the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra, in which he has been involved in several research projects. Among others, he was researcher in the Project "Common perceptions on (i)legality: the case of reproductive health in Portugal" and is co-author of the book "Have I committed a crime? Representations on the (i)legality of abortion (2010)". At the moment his main research interests are medical anthropology, medical sociology and social studies of medicine and health. Currently he is developing his PhD which provisional thesis title is "KNITting cancer: kaleidoscopes, narratives and translations. Trajectories of the perception of cancer".

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Barradas, Carlos; Nunes, João Arriscado (2017), "A virada austera: o declínio do acesso à saúde e da qualidade de atendimento para pacientes com câncer em Portugal.", História, Ciências, Saúde-Manguinhos, 24, 4, 933-951

Book Chapter

Barradas, Carlos (2014), Descolonizando enunciados: a quem serve objectivamente a fotografia?, in Filipa Lowndes Vicente (org.), O império da visão: fotografia no contexto colonial (1860-1960). Lisboa: ICS, 447-460

Article in Scientific journal

Barradas, Carlos (2014), "Em nome de quem? Governo, instituições e economia política no campo do combate às doenças respiratórias: o caso da lei antitabaco em Portugal.", Revista de Sociologia e Política, 22, 51