Carolina Pescatori Candido da Silva


Brazilian researcher carrying out a post-doctorate at the Center for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra under the supervision of prof. Dr. Carlos Fortuna. Adjunct Professor at the Department of Design, Expression and Representation and at the Graduate Program at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Brasília (PPG-FAU/UnB) as a master's and doctoral advisor. Architect and Urbanist from UnB (2005), with exchange program at Pennsylvania State University (PSU/USA) as a Capes Scholar (2003). Master in Landscape Architecture with concentration in Urban Design and Urban Planning from PSU/USA (2007), with a scholarship from PSU itself, having received the Alma Heinz award (2006) and Academic Honors of The American Society of Landscape Architects (2007). PhD from PPG-FAU/UnB, in Theory and History of the City and Urbanism, with a thesis on the performance of urbanization companies and the process of urban dispersion (2016); honorable mention in the 1st Rodrigo Simões Prize for Doctoral Theses - ANPUR (2017). Leader of the research group Topos - Landscape, Planning and Project and researcher of the Research Group on the History of Urbanism and the City (GPHUC/CNPq-UnB) and the Interdisciplinary Center for Studies on the City (CIEC/Unicamp). Publisher of Revista Paranoá: Cadernos de Arquitetura e Urbanismo (2020-current). Her research interests include urban sprawl and contemporary urbanization processes; urban landscape; history of Urbanism and the city; feminism and the city.