José Roberto Pereira


Researcher in Social Sciences at the Centre for Social Studies of the Coimbra University (2017-2018). PhD in Sociology from the University of Brasilia (2000). Fellow Productivity in Technological Development and innovative extension of the CNPq. Advisor in the Professional Master's in Public Administration, in the academic master's and Doctorate degree in Administration of the Federal University of Lavras (UFLA). Full Professor in Public Administration and Social Management at the Federal University of Lavras. Has coordinated research projects and guidelines in the areas of participative and deliberative democracy, public administration and social management. The theoretical focus is based on the Communicative Action Theory approach for the construction and delimitation of research fields in the social management and public administration. Published in 2017 three books: Municipal Public Management; Participative Diagnostic: the method DRPE (Participative Rapid Diagnostic Emancipator); Social Management of Cooperatives. Currently research on Social Water Management: a comparative analysis between Brazil and Portugal.