Marcelo Manzano


I am an economist, Master in Social and Labor Economics (2000) and PhD in Economic Development (2017), both from the State University of Campinas. I was a consultant to the UNDP and the ILO. In 2017, I received a postdoctoral fellowship granted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to develop research on reducing social inequality in Brazil (Agreement between the International Center for Development and Decent Work - ICDD and the Instituto de Economia da Unicamp). Since 2011 I have been a collaborating professor at Unicamp's Institute of Economics, working in the following graduate programs: "Masters in Social Economy and Labor" (agreement with the Global Labor University) and "Specialization in Labor Economics and Unionism". I am also a collaborating professor in the postgraduate program at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO/Brazil). control of digital platforms in Brazil. I have experience in the area of ​​economics, working mainly with the following topics: economic development; Brazilian economy; labor market; digitization of work; informality; inequality and public policies. In public management, I worked in public health, professional training, microcredit and job and income promotion.