Rosane Rosa


PhD in Communication and Information from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (2009), Master in Communication from the University of Vale dos Rio dos Sinos (2000). He has more than 10 years of experience in Public Interest Communication in the First, Second and Third Sector. Participated (2004-2005) in the Latin American Survey "Knowing to intervene: childhood violence and media", developed for the project "Voices for a continent without violence" (BICE). She is currently a lecturer at the Department of Communication Sciences, the Graduate Program in Communication and the Network Educational Technologies Program at the Federal University of Santa Maria. Coordination of the International Cooperation Agreement between UFSM and the Pedagogical University of Mozambique - Intercultural Educommunication Project \ Abdias Nascimento CAPES. Leads the Communication, Intercultural Education and Citizenship Research Center (CNPQ). She was Vice-President (2012-2014, 2014-2016) and co-founder of the Brazilian Association of Researchers and Educommunication Professionals (ABPPEducom). Investigates the themes Communication, Human Rights, Social Policies, Educommunication, Alterity and Citizenship. Post-doctorate at the University of Coimbra, under the supervision of Prof. Bonaventura de Souza Santos.