Solange P. Rocha


Solange P. Rocha, Historian, Associate Professor of the Department and Postgraduate Program in History / PPGH at the Federal University of Paraíba / UFPB, holds a master's degree (2001) and a doctorate (2007) from the Federal University of Pernambuco with exchange with the Fluminense Federal University (2004). The doctoral research, Black People in the Eighteenth Century of Paraíba: population, family and spiritual kinship, was awarded by ANPUH-Brazil and published by the Unesp Publishing House (2009). As a researcher and an activist, she has taken part in anti-racist social movements, being one of the founders of Bamidelê: Organization of Black Women in Paraíba (2001). In regard to academic activism, she participated in the setting up of the Center for Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous Studies and Research - NEABI-CCHLA / UFPB (2011/2012), of which she was a coordinator and developed / develops different research and extension projects. Furthermore, with respect to the academic management, she has been coordinating the PPGH-CCHLA / UFPB (2017-2019), has participated in the Bamidelê Management (2018-2020) and in the Movement of Black Women in Paraíba. The themes of interest refer to the African Diaspora in Brazil, Afro-Brazilian Heritage, Black Feminism, Women's History and History Teaching with emphasis on the black population. In the 2019/2020 period, she is developing doctoral research at the Social Study Center / CES-UC, addressing Afro-Cultural Heritage, Memory and African Diaspora in Brazil. Some Academic Production ROCHA, Solange P. Enlaved Women in 19 Century Paraíba work, contradictions an figths for freedom. In: XAVIER, Giovana; FARIAS, Juliana B.; GOMES, Flávio dos S. (Orgs.). Black Women in slave and post-emancipation Brazil. New York: Diasporic Afric Press, 2016, p. 107-125. ARTICLE - REVISTA GÊNERO (NITEROI/RJ)- 2016 ROCHA, Solange P. & CARVALHO, Rayssa A. AS MULHERES NEGRAS EM MOVIMENTO NO BRASIL: atuação política da Bamidelê - organização de mulheres negras na Paraíba.