José Manuel Atiles-Osoria


Jose Atiles has a PhD in sociology of law from the University of Coimbra (2014) and currently he is an FCT Postdoctoral Researcher at CES. His areas of research are colonialism, sociology and philosophy of law, political violence and legal mobilizations.

Latest Publications


Atiles-Osoria, José Manuel (2019), Jugando con el Derecho: Movimientos Anti-coloniales Puertorriqueños y la Fuerza de Ley Playing with the Law: Puerto Rican Anticolonial Mobilizations and the Force of Law]. Puerto Rico: Editora Educación Emergente

Article in Scientific journal

José Atiles-Osoria, (2018), "Colonial State Crimes and the CARICOM Mobilization for Reparation and Justice", State Crime Journal, 7, 2, 349

Article in Scientific journal

Atiles-Osoria, José Manuel; Whyte, David (2018), "State of Exception, Law and the Economic: A Socio-Legal Approach to the Economy of Exception in an Era of Crisis", Oñati Socio-Legal Series, 8, 6, 808-818