CES has several publication lines designed to disseminate the results of its research projects and other studies deemed to be of relevance.

The Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais (quarterly) accepts submissions from national and international authors and publishes the results of advanced research in every area of the social sciences and of the humanities. It pays particular attention to studies that contribute to critical knowledge of Portuguese reality and prioritises work with a transdisciplinary potential and which contributes to theoretical debate and to epistemological reflection in a global context.

The RCCS Annual Review is an annual online publication in English that includes a selection of texts published in Portuguese in the journal Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais in the previous year. In 2009, the year of its launching, the Annual Review will exceptionally publish two issues: no. 0, with a selection of texts from 2005 and 2006, and no. 1, with texts from 2007 and 2008.

Published by The Centre for Social Studies since 2008, e-cadernos ces is a quarterly publication with scientific arbitration that gather papers resulting from conferences, seminars and workshops, as well as research papers accomplished within advanced training programmes and scientific research projects. Existing as an electronic publication, occasionally, it shall, be published in paper format.

Cescontexto is an online publication of research results and scientific events conducted by the Centre for Social Studies (CES). Cescontexto has two distinct editorial lines: a) the line "Debates", focused on the written memory of events organized by CES or with CES contribution; b) the line "Studies", focused on the publication of research reports produced by CES teams or with CES contribution.

The Centre also publishes the Oficina do CES (about 30 issues annually), given over to divulging the results of in-progress research, and which are available on-line.

The e-journal of CES’s Doctoral Programmes, Cabo dos Trabalhos, is likewise available on-line. This journal is exclusively designed for publication of papers selected by the Programmes’ students, of conferences delivered by guest professors, interviews, sundry information and other items of interest.

The Oficina de Poesia, coordinated by the Anglo-American Studies Group at the School of Arts and Humanities, University of Coimbra, is published with CES support. In it, poetic discourse is understood as a discourse kept at the margins of knowledge and as an exercise in citizenship, inasmuch as it is work intervening in language.

The CES/Almedina Book Series consists of Ten thematic lines, each one coordinated by two CES researchers: Cities and Architecture (Carlos Fortuna and José António Bandeirinha); Knowledge and Institutions (José Reis and João Arriscado Nunes); Cosmopolis (José Manuel Pureza and Boaventura de Sousa Santos); Democracy and Participation (Fernando Ruivo and Giovanni Allegretti); Law and Society (Conceição Gomes and Cecília MacDowell dos Santos); Identities and Interculturalities (Maria Paula Meneses andMargarida Calafate Ribeiro); Literature and Art (Graça Capinha and António Pinho Vargas); Social Policies (Pedro Hespanha and Sílvia Portugal); Risk and Regulation (José Manuel Mendes and Catarina Frade); Labour and Society (Elísio Estanque and António Casimiro Ferreira).

Given their dimension and transdisciplinary perspectives, some projects have led to the publication of specific Book Series. Examples of this are A Sociedade Portuguesa Perante os Desafios da Globalização and Reinventar a Emancipação Social: para novos manifestos, each of which includes thematic volumes resulting from large-scale projects carried out by CES.

CES researchers also author several works published by prestigious publishing houses. The Saber Imaginar o Social Book Series, published by Editora Afrontamento, whose editor is Boaventura de Sousa Santos, numbers critical studies on diverse themes linked to contemporary societies, with special prominence given to Portuguese society.

CES also has other ways of communicating with the public. Starting in 2004, it has published the CESemCENA, newsletter, with three issues annually. It includes news on its recent and coming activities. These are also sent out by email, on a weekly basis, to a wider network of readers.

This webpage also makes available opinion pieces published by CES researchers in the local, national and international press. Other Publications

Other Publications
In addition to these CES publications, researchers divulge their work in Portugal and abroad, whether in the form of books, or in cooperation with a very wide spectrum of national and international publications, or in other cases, in specialist publications. These can be accessed on the page.