INTIMATE - Citizenship, Care and Choice: The Micropolitics of Intimacy in Southern Europe
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INTIMATE is funded for 5 years.

Starting date: March 2014

Year 1 - Theoretical consolidation and methodological training of the research team, with a detailed focus on each of the strands and participating countries, as well as on socio-legal, gender and narrative studies.

Year 2 - Strand 1 on The Micropolitics of Partnering

Case studies:

    Lesbian coupledom across time and space
    ‘It takes more than 2 to tango’: same-sex polyamory as a new form of conjugality

Year 3 - Strand 2 on The Micropolitics of Parenting

Case studies:

    Queering reproduction: assisted conception
    Queering reproduction: surrogacy
    What’s in a name? The politics of naming a child

Year 4 - Strand 3 on The Micropolitics of Friendship

Case Studies:

    ‘We are family’: friendship and care in transgendered intimate biographies
    Roommates are doing it for themselves? Living with friends in adult life

Year 5 - Integrative analysis and final results

Dissemination and publications, including the final International Conference.