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The Trauma Observatory/CES resulted from the development of the Trauma Centre, a CES unit founded on 25 June 2009. In September 2020 the Scientific Board of the CES considered that the work that this unit was developing was fully integrated in the criteria inherent to an CES Observatory and gave it the status and designation of Trauma Observatory of the Centre for Social Studies (CES) of the University of Coimbra. The Trauma Observatory is currently coordinated by the psychiatrist Luísa Sales.

It aims to promote and disseminate knowledge about prevention and intervention in psychological trauma in situations of crisis, disaster or catastrophe, as well as to collaborate with institutions involved in these scenarios, serving as a forum for debate and sharing of different knowledge within the scope of psychological trauma.

The Trauma Observatory is a member of the European Society For Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS) and integrates its Board of Directors.


The coordination is responsible for all the Trauma Observatory activities and for the external representation.

Research Group
It is composed of senior researchers, associate researchers and junior researchers. Senior researchers are those who develop continuous duties within the Trauma Observatory. Associate researchers are those who develop duties upon invitation within the Trauma Observatory. Junior researchers are those who, by means of research projects or other activities, are temporarily integrated in the Trauma Observatory’s research group. The research group is responsible for the development of all the Trauma Observatory activities.

Is responsible for the administrative organization of the Trauma Observatory activities.

Partner Institutions
It is a partner institution of the Trauma Observatory the institution/association with which a cooperation protocol is celebrated. The nature of collaboration between the Trauma Observatory and the partner institution is defined in that protocol. Each partner institution shall appoint two permanent representatives to take part in the Trauma Observatory Scientific Board meetings, as well as in the other regular activities laid out in the protocols. The partner institutions are also requested to promote the adhesion of members to the Trauma Observatory.

Scientific Board
The Scientific Board decides on the matters related to the Trauma Observatory activities. The Scientific Board is composed of the coordination members, permanent researchers, permanent representatives of partner institutions and other member of renowned merit.

External Scientific Committee
The External Scientific Committee is composed of individuals who, upon invitation, for their reputation and renowned scientific and professional merit, can contribute to the objectives of the Trauma Observatory, assisting in the establishment of the strategic lines.

Organisation Chart


Luísa Sales


Diana Andringa

Vice Coordination

Inês Rodrigues

Vice Coordination

Aida Dias

CES Researcher

Guida Manuel

Associate Researcher

Joana Becker

CES Researcher

Joana Sousa Ribeiro

CES Researcher

João Veloso

Associate Researcher

Margarida Figueiredo

Associate Researcher

Susana Gouveia

Associate Researcher

Camila Borges

Junior Researcher




1. The Trauma Observatory members will have a privileged access to:


    • An extended discussion network on Psychological Trauma.
    • Information and selected bibliography on Psychological Trauma
    • A National and international training and scientific research network.
    • Professionals from different interdisciplinary areas of research and training related to Psychological Trauma


2. As a member institution of the European Society of Traumatic Stress Studies – ESTSS, the Trauma Observatory membership grants its members with direct affiliation to ESTSS.


3. As ESTSS affiliates, members are entitled to:

    • Privileged access to the necessary training to obtain ESTSS’s General Certificate in Psychotraumatology.
    • Receive the European Trauma Bulletin.
    • Participate in ESTSS working groups.
    • Have full access to ESTSS’s website.
    • Access to an extensive network of professionals in Psychotraumatology.
    • Discounts on ESTSS conferences and workshops registration rates.
    • Access to the ESTSS President’s quarterly bulletin.
    • Right to vote in ESTSS elections.
    • Discounts on the Journal of Traumatic Stress subscriptions.



1. Associate Partners (check the partner institutions of the Trauma Centre here) are subject to payment of an annual membership fee of 17 Euros.
2. Individual members are subject to payment of an annual membership fee of 17 Euros.


The fee may be revised annually.






  • Online form: In order to be correctly submitted and accepted by the system, all fields must be filled (in case a field does not apply to your situation, please fill with - , x, n.a,  or any other acceptable characters)


  • PDF form for further submission: For specific situations only. We recommend filling in the online form, as it is more practical, quicker and shipping costs free.



Membership Form

  Download do Formulário de Adesão ao Observatório do Trauma