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I Course on Psychotraumatology of the Trauma Centre/CES-UC


In recent years, professionals from different fields have been showing significant interest in the area of Psychotraumatology. In fact, natural disasters, road accidents, situations of generalized violence, are present in day-to-day life of modern societies constituting themselves as potentially traumatic events and replacing the concept of trauma at the heart of modern psychopathology.

Hence the need to promote, in a context of interdisciplinary dialogue, knowledge about prevention and intervention in Psychological Trauma in situations of crisis, disaster or catastrophe.

In this sense, the Trauma Centre of the Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, as a member of the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS), will begin, in Portugal, the 1st Training Course on Piscotraumatology with access to the European Certificate of Psychotraumatology validated by ESTSS.

General Objectives
- Provide trainees with theoretical and practical knowledge in psychological trauma, namely trauma post-crisis, disaster or catastrophe.
- Support, in the area of psychological trauma, common terminology and action practices based on scientific evidence.
- Implement strategies for prevention, intervention and treatment in trauma and traumatic stress, in line with internationally recognized criteria.
- Facilitate access to and sharing of knowledge with international networks of study and intervention Psychotraumatology.

Target Audience
- Professionals from different areas of Health and Social Sciences;
- Elements of emergency teams;
- Other professionals performing in potentially traumatic situations (military, first responders, members of the security forces, journalists, etc.).

Minimum Criteria for Selection
1st Cycle Higher Education or Equivalent.

Course Programme
The course will consist of periodic modules (workshops), organized into compulsory and optional modules, with cumulative accreditation of 10 or 20 points and subject to mandatory assessment.

Criteria for Certification
Being an ESTSS member is a necessary.condition for obtaining the European Certificate in Psychotraumatology.
Associates to the Trauma Center, are inherently, ESTSS members.
In the case of the participant not being associated to the Trauma Center he or she must become a member by completing an online form.
For the European Certificate in Psychotraumatology it will necessary to attend the compulsory modules and a number of optional modules allowing to achieve 100 credits.   Each module will have a mandatory assessment by a questionnaire of 10 multiple choice questions.
This questionnaire will be made available by directing a request to ESTSS (contact Sarah Gape, email to those who have attended the module and is a member of this Society. The assessment and recording of crediting accumulated by each candidate is also effected by ESTSS. At the request of the first questionnaire, ESTSS requires payment of a fee of 40 euros, linked to the administrative management of certification.

The workshops must have a minimum of 15 participants. If there are vacancies in various modules, participants that are not candidates the Certificate may be admitted.

Registration is done individually and  by module by completing an online form available at the CES website.
Cost per workshop (Trauma Center associates)
10 points Workshops: 40 €
20 points Workshops: 65 €




Initial workshop
(Compulsory, assigning 20 points for access to the ESTSS European Certificate in Psychotraumatology)
Trauma: Different looks, the same concept?
November 24, 9h30 to 19h00
CES-Lisboa | Picoas Plaza

2nd Workshop
(Compulsory, assigning 10 points for access to the ESTSS European Certificate in Psychotraumatology)
Brain, memory and trauma: the neurobiology of trauma
Trainers: Rui Mota Cardoso (Full Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto,  CES Associate Researcher), Margarida Figueiredo-Braga (Psychiatrist and Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto) and Luísa Sales (Trauma Centre/CES)
January 19, 2013, 14h00 to 18h00
CES-Lisboa | Picoas Plaza

3rd Workshop
(Compulsory, assigning 10 points for access to the ESTSS European Certificate in Psychotraumatology)
Trauma: Early intervention in crisis
Trainers: José Adriano Fernandes, Psychiatrist, and Márcio Pereira, Psychologist, Coordinator of the Center for Psychological Support and Intervention in Crisis at INEM will be trainers of this module. Luisa Sales (Co-coordinator of the Trauma Centre / CES) will make the session's final synthesis.
March 16, 2013, 14h00-18h00
CES-Lisboa, Picoas Plaza

4th Workshop
(Under the Training Course in Psychotraumatology this workshop is compulsory)
TENTS-TP (The European Network for Traumatic Stress – Training & Practice)
This training workshop for trainers based on TENTS policy intervention , will be led by Francisco Orengo Garcia, Professor at the Faculty of  Medicine, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and President of Sociedad Española de Psicotraumatología y Estrés Traumático.
May 25, 2013, 09h30-18h30
CES-Lisboa | Picoas Plaza

5th Workshop
(Under the Psychotraumatology Training Course this workshop assigns 20 points for access to the European Certificate in Psychotraumatology ESTSS)
Therapies in trauma: from general interventions to specific approaches (Part 1)
Trainers: Adriano Vaz Serra, Full Professor of Psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicne of the university of Coimbra/President of the of the Portuguese Society of Psychiatry and Mental Healthl; Luíz Gamito,  Júlio de MatosHospital; Ana Cristina Santos, President of the  EMDR Association Portugal; Luísa Sales, Co-coordinator of the Trauma Centre/CES
July 6, 2013, 09h30-18h30
Auditórium, CIUL - Lisboa | Picoas Plaza

6th Workshop
(Under the Training Psychotraumatology Course  this workshop assigns 10 points for access to the European Certificate in Psychotraumatology ESTSS)
Therapies in trauma: the general interventions to specific approaches (Part 2)
Trainers: Ângela Maia - Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Psychology, School of Psychology, University of Minho; Fontes Ribeiro -  Full Professor of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra; Lúcia Monteiro -  Director of the Psychiatry Unit, Department of Supportive Care and Psychosocial Oncology ,Portuguese Institute of Oncology, Lisbon; Sister Maria José Rebelo - Psychologist at the Jesuit Refugee Service in Lisbon; and Andrade e Silva, Psychologist and former director of the Army Center for Applied Psychology
October 19 2013, 14h00-19h00
CES-Lisboa | Picoas Plaza