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II Course on Psychotraumatology of the Trauma Centre/CES-UC


After the success of the first edition (between November 2012 and July 2014) and the great interest in pursuing this training cycle, the Trauma Centre opened the 2nd edition of the Psychotraumatology Training Course in February 2015. This edition ended in December 2015 with around 40 participants achieving the European certification of ESTSS.

Within the scope of the 2nd edition, the following workshops were developed:

1. - Trauma: Different views, the same concept?
Speakers: Vedat Sar, António Sousa Ribeiro, Paula Coutinho, António Coimbra de Matos and Luísa Sales.

2. - Brain, memory and trauma: neurobiology of trauma
Speakers: Rui Mota Cardoso and Margarida Figueiredo-Braga.

3. - Trauma: early intervention in crisis
Speakers: José Adriano Fernandes and Márcio Pereira.

4. - Trauma Therapies: from general interventions to specific approaches 
Speakers: Adriano Vaz Serra, Luíz Gamito, Ana Cristina Santos and Luísa Sales.

5. - Therapies in the trauma: from the general interventions to the specific approaches
Speakers: Ângela Maia, Fontes Ribeiro, Lúcia Monteiro and Maria José Rebelo.

6. - Forensic Aspects of the Trauma
Speakers: Fernando de Almeida, João Pedroso and Marta Ávila.

7. - Disaster management and intervention in risk communities
Speakers: Manuel Velloso among others.

8. - Trauma and media
Speakers: Diana Andringa among others.

9. - Trauma in Children and Teenagers
Speakers: Margarida Gaspar de Matos and Isabel Alberto.

10. - European networks for intervention in trauma
Speakers: Francisco Orengo García among others.