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Reinventing Democracy: Grassroots Movements in Portugal
South European Society & Politics
Volume 9; number 2, Autumn 2004

Edited by: Boaventura de Sousa Santos, João Arriscado Nunes


Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Democracy, Participation and Grassroots Movements in Contemporary Portugal (1)
Boaventura de Sousa Santos and João Arriscado Nunes

Local Citizen Action as a Form of Resistance Against the New Wave of Worldwide Colonization: The Case of the In Loco Association in Southern Portugal (16)
Alberto Melo

'Decent Housing for the People': Urban Movements and Emancipation in Portugal (46)
João Arriscado Nunes and Nuno Serra

The Territory as Space for Collective Action: Paradoxes and Potentialities of the 'Strategic Game of Actors' in Territorial Planning in Portugal (77)
Isabel Guerra

A Beira Town in Protest: Memory, Populism and Democracy (98)
José Manuel de Oliveira Mendes

'Don't Treat us Like Dirt!': The Fight Against the Co-incineration of Dangerous Industrial Waste in the Outskirts of Coimbra (132)
Marisa Matias

Sexual Orientation in Portugal: Towards Emancipation (159)
Ana Cristina Santos

Who Saved East Timor? New References for International Solidarity (191)
José Manuel Pureza

Portuguese Trade Unionism vis-à-vis the European Works Councils (218)
Hermes Augusto Costa

The Reinvention of Trade Unionism and the New Challenges of Emancipation (253)
Elísio Estanque

Abstracts (284)


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