CES Summer School

CreA(c)tivating Scientific Making in the Social Sciences & Humanities

September 9 to 13, 2019

CES | Alta and Casa da Escrita (Coimbra)


Summer school organized in partnership with Coimbra City Hall and aimed at Social Sciences & Humanities PhD students and post-docs, offered in both Portuguese and English, and with a threefold focus on:

a) creative research methods, conceptualised under four broad headings :
1. arts-based methods – focus on visual arts and creative writing;
2. research using technology – digital platforms, Application Programming Interface (APIs);
3. mixed-methods research – gathering data using both quantitative and qualitative methods; using different theoretical perspectives to inform the same piece of research; multi-media presentation and dissemination;
4. transformative research frameworks designed to reduce power imbalances within the research process and to affect structural inequalities – participatory, decolonising, activist and community-based research;

b) improving academic and non-academic writing in Portuguese and English;

c) academic and non-academic publishing or cultural production outputs.

Target participants: Postgraduate students, post-docs, cultural practitioners

Coordination: Patrícia SilvaNancy DuxburyMaria José Carvalho, Susana de Noronha

Fees to be charged: 100€

Minimum and maximum number of participants: 10 - 20


This summer school combines morning masterclasses with afternoon workshops. Timetable: 9h30-12h30–14h30-17h30 (Tues, Wed, Thurs); beginning at 11h00 (Mon); ending at 16h30 (Fri)

Morning masterclasses – CES-Alta, Room 2

September 9, Monday, 11 AM – Researching and writing creatively: Graça Capinha (FLUC & CES 1:30hrs (Portuguese language)

September 10, Tuesday, 9:30AM – 10:45 – Artistic approaches to research: cultural mapping perspectives: Nancy Duxbury (CES) - 1:15hrs (English language)

September 10, Tuesday, 11AM ¬– Creative research methods: digital media & curating: Diogo Marques (Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Porto) - 1:15hrs (Portuguese language)

September 11, Wednesday, 9:30AM – 10:45 – Participatory, activist and community-based research: Cláudia Pato Carvalho (CES) - 1:15hrs; (Portuguese language)

September 11, Wednesday, 11AM- – In(ter)disciplinating collections in a university science museum: Rita Campos (CES) - 1:15hrs (Portuguese language)

September 12, Thursday, 9:30AM – 10:45 – Fragments in Practice: collaborative rewriting in the digital humanities: Cecília Magalhães (FLUC) - 1:15hrs (Portuguese language)

September 12, Thursday, 11AM- – Translation and transmediation in cultural and literary studies: Patrícia Silva (CES) - 1:15hrs (Portuguese & English languages)

September 12, Friday, 9: 30AM – 10:45AM – CreA(c)tivating without plagiating: Maria José Carvalho (CES) - 1:30hrs; (Portuguese language)

September 12, Friday, 11 AM- – Academic & Non-academic Publishing: Nancy Duxbury (CES) & João Concha (não-edições, Lisboa) - 1:15hrs (English & Portuguese languages)


Afternoon workshops – Casa da Escrita, Arquivo Aberto (2:30PM – 5:30PM)

Sept. 9 (Monday); Sept 12 (Thursday); Sept. 13 (Friday) - “Imaginative Methodologies for Science? Remaking writing, illustration and ethnographic drawing”: Susana de Noronha (CES) - 3hrs x 3 days (Portuguese language)

Sept. 10 (Tuesday); Sept. 11 (Wednesday); Sept. 13 (Friday) Creative Writing for academic and non-academic purposes: Rachael McGill (freelance writer/translator) - 1.30hrs x 3 days (English language)


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