"Everything in Nature is a part of Science."

The First International Conference on

SCIENCE MATTERS: A Unified Perspective

Cochairs: Maria Burguete - mariaburguete@gmail.com
               Lui Lam - lui2002lam@yahoo.com


Local Scientific Committee

  Paulo Borges (President of Portuguese Buddhist Union)

  João Calvão (Director of Cultural & Social Affairs of Orient

  Roberto Carneiro (Full Professor of Catholic University)

  Clara Pinto Correia (Lusófona University)

  Carlos Fiolhais (Faculty of Sciences & Technology, Physics        Department of University)

  Bernardo Herold (Instituto Superior Técnico)

  Luís Portela (President of Bial Foundation)

  Claudina Rodrigues-Pousada (Institute of Chemical &
   Biological Technology- ITQB/Oeiras)

  Fernando Ramôa Ribeiro (Instituto Superior Técnico)



  Paul Caro (France, Director CNRS)

  Gilbert Fayl (Belgium, European Academy of Science & Arts)

  Brigitte Hoppe (Germany, Deutsches Museum/Institute of History    of Science)

  João Arriscado Nunes (University of Coimbra, Social Studies Centre)

  Maurizio Salvi (Italy, European Comission of Ethics & Science)

  Michael Shermer (USA, Skeptic Magazine)

  Edward Wilson (USA, Harvard)

Ericeira, Portugal 28-30 May 2007