Culture, Sustainability, and Place:
Innovative Approaches for Tourism Development

11 to 13 October 2017
Ponta Delgada, São Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal


The project’s overall objective is to develop and pilot an integrated approach and research agenda for creative tourism in Portuguese small cities and rural areas.

Specific Scientific Objectives

  1. To improve the level of knowledge and systematic analysis about creative tourism in small cities and rural areas in Portugal
  2. To understand the processes (under different conditions and situations) through which creative tourism activities can be effectively developed, implemented, and made sustainable
  3. To understand how an integrated approach to creative tourism may provide feasible options to improve the stability of cultural/creative organizations of small cities and rural areas
  4. To assess the multidimensional impacts (economic, cultural, social, environmental) of creative tourism activities in small cities and rural areas on cultural/creative organizations, on tourism, and on local development generally

Specific Application Objectives

  1. To develop strong and sustainable partnerships between public and private stakeholders in each region to enhance the positive impacts of tourism for local and regional development and residents’ daily lives
  2. To contribute to the diversification of tourism offers by creating memorable, unique and linked‐to‐place creative experiences for tourists
  3. To capitalize on new technologies (e.g. smart phone app, Augmented Reality) to provide contemporary creative experiences that meet the demands of creative tourists, based on cultural and historical heritages and local identities