Novas Poéticas de Resistência: o século XXI em Portugal


Corrine Fitzpatrick

I love this nervous light,

  anonymous and changing like duration, I offer you the somersault                            kindness

            please undress               play dead on field of green         green pinnacle above

please undress

            heat is clay         I am solid              no, I decompose




Emotional Orchestra

(for Marina Rosenfeld)



Corrine Fitzpatrick is the author of on melody dispatch (Goodbye Better, 2007) and Zamboangueña (sona books, 2007). Recent poetry and critical writing have been published in Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory, Lungfull!, Poetry Project Newsletter, Denver Quarterly, and The Brooklyn Rail. Fitzpatrick is the former Program Coordinator for the Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, where she worked as a curator and administrator from 2005-2010. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Writing from the University of California, San Diego in 2004, and a Master of Fine Arts from the Milton Avery Graduate School of Arts at Bard College in 2010. She lives in New York City.