Novas Poéticas de Resistência: o século XXI em Portugal


Anthologies and Videos

The project involves the publication of four poetry anthologies in four languages: two anthologies of portuguese poets, one anthology of brazilian poets and one anthology of north-american poets.  Two poems of each author are translated in the four colonial languages (portuguese, french, english and spanish).  These anthologies come with DVD's with poems read by the authors themselves. 

Before the publication, all of the material will be available on this page.

The portuguese poets will be selected from portuguese periodic publications (beginning in 2000, out of Lisbon and Oporto areas) and blogs.  The selection of north-american and brazilian poets is in charge of Charles Bernstein and Régis Bonvicino, respectively.

These publications are the result of the network projects involving Sibila (Brazil) and PennSound (U.S.A.), and the subprojects ''To resist language: Translation'', “Poetry Movements and Magazines in Portugal”, and “Towards a Sociology of the Author: the Audio-Visual”.