Novas Poéticas de Resistência: o século XXI em Portugal


Sherryl Robbins

Starting from Sandia 12

                                                               after Whitman


I have walked in Florida my morning walk

and heard the mockingbird



            like the robin

            the cardinal

            the chickadee



            like a phone ringing

            a boy bouncing his basketball in the driveway

            the ice cream truck



            like a thunder cloud

            like a mullet jumping

            sing like the moon, mouth wide open

            sing the she-bird to its nest

            warn other birds away



            to confuse all sense of direction

            sing to the dead

            and to birds

            still in the egg.

The Chase – First Day

 Water breaks

and there she blows

gently down the stream.

Alone again

as when a girl

but lulled by internal bowers

never visited.

Jungle greens

and hot pinks

pulsing drawing

me in in in

in the boat

of my body

in a gently tightening spiral

to the spring

the heart of light

and darkness

to meet the inconceivable

her/not her

conceived there

and pushing out

in the opposite

direction double helix

spinning up a whirlpool

of interior


with the first

dull hints of pain

gnawing at the

outer edges

of this direful zone.

And birds, birds

wheeling just above

the bend as warning

just before

the grand god

reveals herself

and bites the boat

in two.

Robbins is a poet and teaching artist. She has conducted creative writing workshops throughout New York State and abroad since 1977 and was named the New York State Teaching Artist of the Year for 2005. She is currently an arts-in-education consultant for the University of Coimbra in Portugal and for Portugal’s Belgais Center for the Study of Arts. As the owner of Orchard Press and co-owner of Weird Sisters Press, Sherry printed letter press works of poetry for her own and for other small presses.
Sherry has two chapbooks of poetry, Snapshots of Paradise and Or, the Whale, as well as the complete edition of Or, the Whale recently published by Blazevox books, and dozens of poems published in literary journals and anthologies here and in Spain and Portugal, including Earth’s Daughters, Salmagundi, Denver Quarterly and Poets at Work.