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"Everything in Nature is a part of Science."

The First International Conference on

SCIENCE MATTERS: A Unified Perspective

Ericeira, Portugal 28-30 May 2007

New: Late abstracts welcome (see Deadlines section). Registration fee reduced (see Registration section).

Aims of Conference

All earnest and honest human quests for knowledge are efforts to understand nature, which includes all human and nonhuman systems, the objects of study in science. Thus, broadly speaking, these quests (as well as the systems being studied) are science matters. The methods and tools used may be different; for example, the literary people use mainly their bodily sensors and their brain as the information processor, while natural scientists may use, in addition, measuring instruments and computers. Yet, all these activities could be viewed in a unified perspective—they are scientific developments at varying stages of maturity and have a lot to learn from each other. In this conference, we invite experts from different disciplines worldwide to share their experience and outlooks, and hopefully plan the future together.

Many of the topics included in this conference are under the name of science and culture, science and art, science and society, etc. We do not think these descriptions are useful. For example, by saying “science and culture,” it implies that science and culture are two different things, which could be opposing each other. Instead, we view them as different aspects of the same thing the effort to understand nature, and a new word “science matters” is called for. (poster download)

Scope and Format of Conference

Three days

A total of 60 participants, among these 19 invited speakers.

Most participants by invitation; with enough spots open for application around the world.

No parallell sessions.

Two types of oral presentations. (1) Oral presentation without poster (about 30 to 40 min, including discussion). (2) Oral presentation (5 to 10 min) with poster.

Conference proceedings will be published.

This conference is the first one of its kind. Beginning with this one, we hope to set up an international conference series on “Science Matters.”                                                                    

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