In February 2010, the CAPES (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Level Personnel) foundation and the University of Coimbra, through its Centre for Social Studies, established the programme "Milton Santos Chair" with the main goal of contributing towards the dissemination of objective information on the dynamics of the Brazilian society in university centres of excellence abroad. The Chair is a tribute to the great figure of Brazilian science and culture, Milton Santos, and is destined to high-level Brazilian researchers, intending to create a in-depth scientific exchange between them and the researchers, doctoral and post-doctoral students from CES.

The intellectual greatness of Milton Santos and the cross-sectional and productive studies that his work today represents within the Brazilian and Portuguese-speaking cultural context, has conditioned the Chair's profile: a place of transit to transdisciplinary sets of knowledge in their considerations on Brazil and Portuguese-speaking cultures based on a perspective that combines different fields of social and human sciences.

The Milton Santos Chair is a dynamic and essential instrument to strengthen inter-university relationships and multiply international scientific projects, as well as to offer extremely innovative, leading and high-class research and teaching activities.