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PEDRO GÓIS - goisdesign



Communication Designer holds a degree in Graphic Design at the ARCA-EUAC Escola Universitária das Artes de Coimbra and a MA in Design and Graphic Production from the Fine Arts School of University of Barcelona.
With a keen interest in Art and Design from early on, he began his activity in 1997. Since 2005, has participated as a designer and trainer in several projects at goisdesign, mainly related to Culture, Design & Crafts and Science.
His research has focused on the use of Intermedia Technologies in Cultural and Science Communication, developing applications that reflect on the roles of new Media, submitting it to new reinterpretations and contributing towards a broader sharing of Knowledge and Culture.



Carlos Nolasco is a post-doctoral researcher at CES - Center for Social Studies, University of Coimbra. He holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Coimbra. At this time his subject of research are the sports labor migration. His areas of interest are Sociology of Migration, Sport, Law and image. In a non-academic context, he does photography, and held five exhibitions. For him, more than a hobby, photography is a way to look and see.


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Holding a BA in Communication Design awarded by the University School of Arts of Coimbra, he moved to Lisbon in 2012 where he attended the MA in Communication Design and New Media at the School of Fine Arts of Lisbon. He began his career in TimeOut Magazine in which he did an internship as pager and image editor. After the training program, he started working as a Creative in the TLC Marketing Company, where he is since 2013. Collaborates daily with large nacional and international brands. As a freelancer, he worked in several projects, including LGBT activism.
Miguel a.k.a. design-music-travel-friends-people-animals-food-sport-cheese(no lactose)-chocolate-somanythings lover. 

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