Novas Poéticas de Resistência: o século XXI em Portugal


Erica Kaufman

"emptiness is form"


in this what's wrong picture



the samurai's complexion


swings a nunchuck in the face


of homeostasis, draws a bell


curve because there's no need

to expend energy with the voice

still in tact. the trick is to really

look for retinal notions

of hospitality or phrenological

statements like do we really need

that zoom in?
certain predictive


evasions allow for animal


consciousness, weather systems,


and what the model should look


like, her body a sort of system where


dropkick knocks the chin over the face.










"what is love"


 after elizabeth murray

in 1973 she drew steps

and i am a fan of thick oil

irredescent. of what the title

tells you. how the wood becomes

deformed again and again

she places hands where i least

expect them. keyholes obnoxious

and wrong. see them in green

apparently plexiglass fuschia.

so many things can come

out of a wall. blond hair.

legs. sliced anatomy. just

let the boat dock! i want to

take my queries and sun. 





erica kaufman is the author of
censory impulse (factory school 2009) as well as several chapbooks including civilization day (Open24Hours, Winter 2007). recent work can be found in Little Red Leaves, Aufgabe, and elsewhere. essays and reviews can be found in The Poetry Project Newsletter, CutBank, Rain Taxi, Verse, among other places. kaufman is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the CUNY Graduate Center where she explores the interstices between contemporary poetics and composition & rhetoric. she lives in Brooklyn and teaches at Baruch College and Bard College.