Novas Poéticas de Resistência: o século XXI em Portugal


Literary Series FNAC/Oficina de Poesia

“Oficina de Poesia” (School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra/Centre for Social Studies/FCT) as began a series of monthly literary sessions, in FNAC/Coimbra, at 5 p.m., untill December 2010 (*).


6th February 2010 - Poetry Performance by "Oficina de Poesia". 

6th March 2010
- 4 p.m. - Poetry reading by the poets Anna Reckin (U.K.) and John Mateer (South Africal/Australia), "Poets in Residence" programme (University of Coimbra and Municipality of Idanha-a-Nova).

1st May 2010
- Creative Writing Workshop for adults.

5th June 2010
- Poetry Readings by "Oficina de Poesia".

4th September 2010
- Poetry Readings by "Oficina de Poesia".


For further informations: Cultural Agenda FNAC /Coimbra

(*) except the months of January and August.