Novas Poéticas de Resistência: o século XXI em Portugal


Areas and sub-projects

Literary studies - Graça Capinha

Translation studies - Isabel Pedro

Linguistics - Clara Keating

Sociology - Feliciano de Mira

Literary Studies

“Poetics for the New Worlds”
Graça Capinha and Feliciano de Mira

“Observatory of Portuguese Electronic Poetry”
Manuel Portela

“Poetry Movements and Magazines in Portugal”
Jorge Fragoso

Fernando Lemos’ Poetry and Design: politics, exile and immigration”
José Manuel Lourenço

“Identity Semantics in the Migrant Word of Portuguese Emigrant Women Authors in Paris and Montreal”
Clara Moura Lourenço

“Poetics of Resistance and Oral Literature — Voices of Jewish Women in the Communities of Belmonte (Portugal) and Bom Fim (Brasil)”
Aline Bernar

"Cultures in Dialogue: a comparative study between the chap-book (cordel) from Brazil and the chap-book (cordel) from Portugal"
Maria Isaura Rodrigues Pinto  

"Ireland and Portugal: represented identities in the feminine poetry of the 1960´s on"
Gisele Wolkoff




Translation studies

“To Resist Language: Translation”
Isabel Pedro and Adriana Bebiano



“Letters, Identities and Contexts: discursive recycling, development and identity transformation in two contexts of reading and writing
Clara Keating and Olga Solovova



“Towards a Sociology of the Author: the Audio-Visual”
Feliciano de Mira