"Everything in Nature is a part of Science."

The First International Conference on

SCIENCE MATTERS: A Unified Perspective

Invited Speakers Area:

Leonor Béltran (Portugal, The Nature of Dance) abstract
Maria Burguete (Portugal, Philosophy Of Computational Chemistry: On The Way To An Interdisciplinary Epistemology?) abstract
Fernanda Nogueira Campos (Brazil, Theatre of The Oppressed: a tool to the science) abstract
Paul Caro (France,Culture Through Science: A New World of Images and Stories) abstract
Clara Pinto Correia (Portugal, Biology: Manipulation of Scientific Information) abstract
Alfredo Dinis (Portugal, Have the neurosciences any theological consequences?) abstract
Isabel Empis (Portugal, Psychology & Life Quality) abstract
Gilbert Fayl (Belgium, Understanding EU R&D Policy) abstract
Bernardo Herold (Portugal, Chemical Synthesis and Society). abstract
Brigitte Hoppe (Germany, Judging by the appearance of the essential properties of natural body – the role of physiognomy in science and art)
Lui Lam (USA, Histophysics: Merging history with physics) abstract
Zainab Jezzini Lamas (Brazil, Organizational Learning in Complex Adaptive Systems: An Interpretative Schema) abstract
Daguang Li (China, Science Communication in China) abstract
Bing Liu (China, Philosophy of Science and Chinese Sciences: The Multicultural View of Science and Its Unified Ontological Model)
Dun Liu (China, The History of Science in Globalizing Time) abstract
Edgar Morin (France, Did a scientific revolution begin?) abstract
João Arriscado Nunes (Portugal, Unified science or ecologies of practices?) abstract
Elisabete Oliveira (Portugal, Visual Aesthetic Education: A Referential Sciences of Education Embracement to Other Sciences/Culture, Philosophy and Technology) abstract
Maurizio Salvi (Italy, Science & Ethics) abstract
Nigel Sanitt (The Tripod of Science: Communication, Philosophy and Education) abstract
Michael Shermer (USA, The Science of Good and Evil) abstract
Berta Teixeira (Portugal, «of arts» - porous constellations of a creative process) abstract
Ericeira, Portugal 28-30 May 2007