The 2nd ALICE Summer School - Epistemologies of the South: Boaventura de Sousa Santos in dialogue with ALICE will be held between June 22 to 30, 2016 in Curia (Portugal). For complete information access the website here.

Course Description




The term “Epistemologies of the South” is a metaphor for suffering, exclusion and silencing of peoples and cultures that have been the object of capitalist, colonial and patriarchal violence. This metaphor results from the recognition that colonialism imprinted a historical dynamic of political and cultural domination, subjecting the social practices and life values of the world to its own ethnocentric knowledge. As a result, its ontology, epistemology, ethics and political though were imposed as universal to serve  the interests of domination by the Global North.

In contrast to the intellectual and political exhaustion of the Global North, the anti-imperial Global South, in all its diversity, is a vast field of economic, social, cultural and political innovations.

This Summer School, living up to the motto “learning with and from the South”, seeks to provide clues about possibilities of social, political and institutional innovations taking place in various contexts of the Global South.

The seminars will be taught in English. However, depending on the group work, other languages can be used (Portuguese and Spanish) to broaden the discussion.