The 2nd ALICE Summer School - Epistemologies of the South: Boaventura de Sousa Santos in dialogue with ALICE will be held between June 22 to 30, 2016 in Curia (Portugal). For complete information access the website here.

Getting there


The Summer School will be held at the  Grande Hotel da Curia Golf & Spa, located at the village of Curia, in the Centro Region of Portugal, about  2 hours from Lisbon, 1 hour from Porto, 45 minutes from Aveiro and 30 minutes from Coimbra.

The organising commmittee will assure the transport from Coimbra, where the Centre for Social Studies is located, to Curia. The meeting point will be at the Centre for Social Studies on the April 30th at 11.00 am. 

To get to Coimbra, you can fly directly to Lisbon or Oporto through various Airlines. You can also travel by train if coming from Spain.


From Lisbon or Oporto you can reach Coimbra by car or by train.

A. For information on how to get there by car, follow the links:

  • From Lisbon - 202 km - Get directions here
  • From Porto - 125 km - Get directions here.

B. You can travel comfortably by train, following these directions:

  • From the Lisbon Airport:

Go to the ESTAÇÃO DO ORIENTE to catch a train to Coimbra. To get there you can choose the following options:

a) Taxi -  Approximately 10€ for a 10 minute trip

b) Metro - Catch the red line and get off at  "Oriente" (third stop). The metro works between  6h30 and 1h00m  and trains run regularly  in 7 to 10 minute loops. The fare, one trip charged, is 1,90€. See the Lisbon metro diagram  here

At Oriente, catch a train to a Coimbra-B (the fastest one is the  Alfa-Pendular, 1h35m,  22,5 €; followed by the  Intercidades, 2h00m, 19 €).

See Comboios de Portugal - CP.

  • From Oporto Airport

The Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, in Porto, is 11 km away from the city, so getting a taxi from there to the railway station is quite expensive (20-25 €, with 20 per cent surcharge in the evenings and weekends). The easiest and less costly way will be to take the Metro.  The direction to it is signposted throughout the airport, so just follow the signs and take Line E (Violeta) from the airport to the Campanhã railway station. Metro trains run about every 20 minutes from early morning until after midnight. That will take about 32 minutes and cost 2,20 € - a Z4 (zone four) ticket. See information on Oporto's metro  here.

Catch a train to  Coimbra-B. Three types of trains are available at the  Estação de Campanhã: the Alfa Pendular (fastest), the Intercidades and the regional trains. The Alfa trains take around an hour to get to Coimbra (21,70€). The Intercidades takes some more minutes to arrive (17,20€). 

See Comboios de Portugal - CP