The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (CFR) reinforced the framework of the fundamental rights at the European space. However, its implementation and application is confronted with different judicial cultures and practices and the knowledge on the scope and the concrete implications of CFR rights among judicial actors are not strongly settle, although the crucial role played by these actors in its implementation.

This project will develop a sustainable training program to reinforce the judicial actor’s competences for applying CFR rights, leading to a better interpretation and application. Apart from aiming at overcoming the difficulties related to the lack of knowledge and the importance of a better dissemination of the CFR, we intend to clarify its relevance at the national level as well towards a European area of justice.

Combining theoretical lectures, interactive training activities (classroom training and e-learning) and practical workshops the judicial training will cover the development of the protection of fundamental rights in the European Union focusing on the CFR.