The Charterof FundamentalRights of the EU"in action"


Contemporary migrations, justice and law at the border

November 22, 2018, 14h30

Sala de Seminários (Piso 2), CES | Sofia

International Colloquium

A Proteção dos Direitos Fundamentais: entre a lei e a prática

July 6, 2018, 09h45

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (Lisbon)


Mobilising Fundamental Rights

June 8, 2018, 10h00

Casa do Juiz, Bencanta (Coimbra)

This project aims to develop a sustainable training program to judges, public prosecutors and lawyers

  • Development and increase of knowledge on the scope and concrete implication of CFR
  • Facilitate the exchange of best practices
  • Elaborate a Training Manual to support the organization of future training programs in all European Members State
  • Design a Best Practice Manual ready-to-use by judicial actors
  • Build a sustainable information web network to deliver training materials, case law, and to share experiences and practices on the CFR application

Expected results

  • Skills improvement of judicial actors to better deal with the legal framework of fundamental rights, in particular the CFR

  • Training materials that can be used for future training programs in all European Member States (Best Practice Manual and Training Manual)

  • A sustainable information web platform that will be freely accessible online and remain active after the end of the project