INTIMATE - Citizenship, Care and Choice: The Micropolitics of Intimacy in Southern Europe
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2nd  INTIMATE International Conference: Queering Parenting

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- Location: Teatro da Cerca de São Bernardo and CES Sofia (Coimbra).


1st INTIMATE International Conference: Queering Partnering 2016

On the 30-31 March 2016 INTIMATE organized in Coimbra the International Conference Queering Partnering, around issues of coupledom, non-monogamies amongst others. The Conference was very well attended – 175 delegates registered coming from countries as diverse as Argentina, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain or the UK. The feedback we received could not have been more encouraging! Videos of presentations are available here.


Final Programme.                                                        



31.03.2016, Plenary Session – Polyamory

Alessia Acquistapace, “Not-so-chosen loved ones. A critical approach to the rhetoric of choice”. VIDEO

Brigitte Vasallo, “Limits, boundaries and borders: frontex questioned from a queer non-monogamous perspective”. VIDEO

Daniel Cardoso, “The political is personal - The importance of affective narratives in the rise of poly-activism”. VIDEO

Christian Klesse, “Polyamory, Women's Erotic Autonomy and the History of Feminist Critiques of Monogamy”. VIDEO


30.03.2016, Plenary Session – Lesbian Coupledom

Ana Luísa Amaral, “‘Shame is consenting, shame is not loving': muses, bodies, worlds”.VIDEO

Gracia Trujillo,  “On marriage, equality and the rest of us. Some thoughts about queer partnering, assimilation and homonormativity”.VIDEO

Liana Borghi, “If Love is a Time Machine: Affective temporalities in intimate relation”.VIDEO

Sasha Roseneil, “The Lesbian C Word: repudiation and reversals, recognition and reparation”.VIDEO


30.03.2016, Results from the Study on Lesbian Coupledom in Portugal, Spain and Italy
Panel to present and discuss the results of the INTIMATE study on Lesbian Coupledom in Portugal, Spain and Italy conducted in 2015 under the strand of Partnering

Ana Lúcia Santos, “Doing conjugality: lesbian couples as producers of diverse intimate relationships”
Luciana Moreira, “Lesbian coupledom: between precarious lives and resistance against a normative system”
Tatiana Motterle, “Lesbian Couples in Rome: Queering Family Meals?”




31.03.2016, Results from the Study on LGBTQ Polyamory in Portugal, Spain and Italy
Panel to present and discuss the results of the INTIMATE study on LGBTQ Polyamory in Portugal, Spain and Italy conducted in 2015 under the strand of Partnering

Ana Cristina Santos, “One at a time: relationally diverse partners challenging the (monogamous) script of citizenship”
Pablo Pérez Navarro, “Beyond inclusion: relational diversity at the borders of citizenship”
Beatrice Gusmano, “The Kintsugi art of care. Unraveling consent in ethical non-monogamies”





Non-Monogamies and Contemporary Intimacies, 25-27.09.2015

25.09.2015, Keynote Speech Ana Cristina Santos, “Normalizing the slut? Relational citizenship, care and the daily management of intimacy”.




27.09.2015, Ana Cristina Santos, Beatrice Gusmano, Tatiana Motterle, Pablo Perez Navarro, Luciana Moreira, INTIMATE PANEL: REFRAMING COUPLEDOM THROUGH SAME-SEX RELATIONAL CITIZENSHIP IN SOUTHERN EUROPE.


              • Introduction (Ana Cristina Santos)
              • Deconstructing monogamous love: activist discourses on consensual non-monogamy in Italy (Beatrice Gusmano)
              • Filling the gap: recognition, activism and monogamy’s law in Spain (Pablo Perez Navarro)
              • (Non)monogamies in lesbians' relationships: motivations, challenges and choices (Luciana Moreira)