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Queering Partnering 2016 - Accommodation

ACCOMMODATION: March, 29th – April, 2nd 2016


INTIMATE aims to promote a frank and balanced debate between scholars, artists and activists coming from countries located in the North as well as in the South of the planet. Therefore, the organizers are working to put in place a series of measures that can support people who want to travel to Portugal for the QUEERING PARTNERING conference, in order to provide greater accessibility for everybody.
A series of different offers has been set in order to facilitate the presence of interested participants in the event:

  1. A network of solidarity accommodation will be set before the conference. The members of this network of supporters (students, researchers and professors of CES - Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra) will offer accommodation services to a limited number of people. You will be able to access the Web application during February and March (please find more information below).
  2. We prepared a list of accommodation that you can contact on your own, available at the following link:
  3. SASUC, the Social Affairs Department of the University of Coimbra, will offer accommodation in Student Residencies ( for the nights between March, 29th and April, 2nd. Prices per night are 10€ for a bed in a double room, and 20€ for a single room. In case you want to stay in a Student Residency, you  should let us know by email ( until February, 20th.
    Availability depends on the number of interested people. We will let you know as soon as possible.

The INTIMATE team has developed a Network for Solidarity Accommodation that aims to join event participants requiring accommodation during the conference and city residents willing to host them.
The goal is to ensure free access to accommodation for as many participants as possible, promoting cultural exchange and interaction between people of different cultures.
We take for granted that every participant at the conference and every city resident offering accommodation agree with our ethical approach. People at the event will have diverse genders, sexualities, relationship styles, nationalities, ages, disabilities, class and cultural backgrounds, and political and religious beliefs. Please try not to make assumptions about these, and to take somebody’s self-identity at face value.
For more information, please find here our guidelines for academic/activist spaces:

If you are a participant and want to apply to the Network for Solidarity Accommodation during the conference in Coimbra, please sign up at the bottom of this page.

If you want to receive participant(s) of the event in your home, please sign up at the bottom of this page.

Both the event participants who receive placements and the selected hosts will be notified by the INTIMATE team and receive information concerning the other party. The event participant must then finalize the arrangements for accommodation.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The INTIMATE team will use the data gathered only to perform the matching between event participants and accommodation hosts. After the parties have contacted one another and the conference is concluded, the INTIMATE team will delete all data collected.
  2. The INTIMATE team will only serve as an intermediary between the parties, facilitating contact between event participants and accommodation hosts, and helping out if any unpleasant event happens. The researcher who will follow this process is Beatrice Gusmano:
  3. The INTIMATE team accepts no liability or costs that may result from the stay/accommodation for the participants or the hosts receiving them.
  4. Any special conditions should be arranged directly between the parties without the intermediation of the  INTIMATE team, after the matching.
  5. The  INTIMATE team undertakes to notify event participants in advance whether or not there is a possibility of accommodation in the Housing Solidarity Network, to enable enough time to find alternative accommodation.
  6. Event participants must preserve the space that is made available to them by their hosts.
  7. The hosts should receive the event participants with dignity and care.

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