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Carlos Frederico Marés de Souza Multiculturalism, citizenships Multiculturalism and Collective Rights
Francisco de Oliveira Labor internationalism Who Is Singing L'Internationale Again?
Horácio Martins de Carvalho Non-capitalist production The Emancipation of the Movement of Landless Rural Workers Within the Continuing Movement of Social Emancipation
João Marcos de Almeida Lopes Non-capitalist production The movement of the landless and the conception of an alternative city
Laymert Garcia dos Santos Biodiversity, rival knowledges High-tech Predation, Biodiversity, and Cultural Erosion: The Case of Brazil
Leonardo Avritzer Participatory democracy Modes of Democratic Deliberation: Theoretical Remarks on Participatory Budgeting in Brazil
Lino João de Oliveira Neves Multiculturalism, citizenships Magic Eyes From South of the South: Counterhegemonic Initiatives in the Struggle of Indigenous Peoples in Brazil
Maria Célia Paoli Participatory democracy Companies and Social Responsibility: The Entanglements of Citizenship
Paul Singer Non-capitalist production The Recent Rebirth of the Solidary Economy in Brazil
Roberto Véras Labor internationalism Metalworkers Unionism, the "Strike Festival," and the Possibilities of a National Collective Contract
Zander Soares de Navarro Non-capitalist production "Mobilization Without Emancipation": The Social Struggles of the Landless in Brazil
Voices of the World
Interviewer Interviewee
Name Topic
Lino João de Oliveira Neves Pedro Inácio Interview with Pedro Inácio, leader of the indigenous group "Tikuna", Amazonas
Marcelo Gomes Justo Miguel Alves dos Santos Interview with Miguel Alves dos Santos, member of the Landless Movement
Roberto Véras Paula Lima Interview with Paula Lima, a union leader in Brazil
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